Rent & Paradise's Rolls Royce Wraith

This is the most powerful and technologically advanced Rolls Royce that has been created in history. Wraith is equipped with a 6.6L Twin Turbocharged V12, which delivers 624 hp with 800 Nm of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds, which is a great accomplishment for such a heavy looking car. In addition to its powerful engine, it is equipped with an electronically adjustable air suspension, which is so smooth that it creates a feeling of the “magic carpet ride”. And if you need to work from your laptop while you are being chauffeured around town by a professional luxury driver, Rolls Royce Wraith will provide you with a great experience you can enjoy all day long and never get tired of.
Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith

Technical Specifications

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6.6L Twin Turbo V-12

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Max Power

624 hp / 590 lb-ft

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Top Speed

155 mph

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Acceleration MPH 0-60
(0-100 KM/H)


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Transmission Gearbox

8-Speed Automatic