Rent & Paradise's Rolls Royce Dawn

Our Royce Dawn roars through the streets with its 6.6-liter V12 engine that outputting 563 hp (575 lb-ft of torque) and capturing the attention of everyone in its presence. However, when really pushed to its limits it can hit 60 mph in just above four seconds, accompanied by its deep grumble, all thanks to its custom-tuned exhaust system. Class and elegance are symmetrical when it comes to the Rolls Royce Brand, so you can expect nothing less when you decide to roll with Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

Technical Specifications

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6.6-Liter V12

lightning bolt energy transparent

Max Power

563 hp / 575 lb-ft

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Top Speed

190 mph

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Acceleration MPH 0-60
(0-100 KM/H)


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Transmission Gearbox

8-Speed Automatic