Luxury Car Leasing in Miami, FL

Why Lease a Luxury Car?

Have you ever wanted to drive a luxury car but simply have not been given the opportunity to do so? Luckily, Rent & Paradise Exotic & Luxury Car Rental has a wide array of luxury cars available for lease or rental including but not limited to: the Rolls Royce Wraith, Porsche Panamera 4S and even the Maserati Ghibli! With so many options, you are bound to find a luxury car you love, whether it be to test drive it for a week or simply have a night out under Miami’s city lights.

Located in Miami, our team is ready to assist you in finding a luxury car that fits your unique style. If you are visiting our lovely city and want to arrive to Miami’s hottest clubs and venues with a breathtaking ride, you should definitely browse our selection of luxury vehicles. Some of our most popular rentals are the convertible Rolls Royce Dawn and the Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan.

Gorgeous Luxury Cars You Can Rent

Your next trip to Miami should be a memorable adventure where you can see the sights of the city with style. That’s why we are excited to offer our beautiful exotic cars that can be rented or leased. From BMWs to gorgeous Lamborghinis, we have exotic cars that will match your unique style. The rental process is simple and easy so that you can get on the road with your car in no time at all.

Available 7 days a week with flexible scheduling, our team is ready to assist you. With a valid driver’s license and refundable deposit, you can take your new exotic car to various spots throughout Miami. Your stay in our lovely city can be a luxurious one with the help of the team at Rent & Paradise Exotic & Luxury Car Rental.

Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

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